< www.peaksoverpoverty.org How Bloomberg Philanthropies Is Making Roads in the U.S. and Europe Safer With Beautiful Asphalt Art Art In The News

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How Bloomberg Philanthropies Is Making Roads in the U.S. and Europe Safer With Beautiful Asphalt Art Art In The News

It is possible to save lives.

For instance, in Durham, North Carolina (for an instance) there was a greater number of people who chose local artists to make crosswalks at elementary schools. Multiple experts believe that asphalt art as well as other street art have provided an excellent opportunity for people to meet, especially after two years of locks.

By Facilitating Innovation That Can make cities safer

While many people are involved with projects involving asphalt however, mayors of cities that are looking for new and effective ways to solve problems that affect their community are the ones most likely to be the primary proponents. Hillary Schieve (Renovelais, Nevada) was mayor of Reno and quickly moved the project forward by transforming a 15,000-square foot area located on top of the railway tunnel into a beautiful area for events of the community music, festivals, and concerts. The transformation of these areas is done by innovative people from the community, making them safer for people to use.

Janette Sadik-Khan has said that gorgeous asphalt art work began and finished when Mike R. Bloomberg served as New York City mayor, transformed the perceptions of municipal officials and city dwellers creating an appetite to do more.

She believes that such projects will help cities view their streets from a new perspective. The people of New York City didn't believe that their streets would ever be changed because they have been the same for over 50 years. We were able to show them what's possible with asphalt plants and art. The result has provided new ways for collaboration with the public.'

We have a more affordable and more effective solution to repair intersections

Beautiful artwork made from asphalt by Bloomberg Philanthropies is a better and more affordable alternative to repairs to roads made by asphalt contractors. Concrete or asphalt can be expensive and make a street look more attractive. In contrast, asphalt